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Directions for Claiming a Business Incentive Labour Rebate

• All employees including non-Yukon residents should fill out and sign an:

Employee Information and Release form
Note: Contact the Business Incentive Program Office for a copy of the new Employee Information and Release form.

• Fax these completed forms to the Business Incentive Office (fax 393-6944) as soon as the employee is hired or as soon as work on a new project is started.  The Business Incentive Officer will check the health care registration system to determine Yukon residency.  You will be notified within 48 hours if the employee’s wages do not qualify for rebates due to non-residency. 

• Fill out the Employment Report documenting all on-site hours of labour.  Include both Yukon and non-Yukon residents’ hours of work and associated payroll information.  It is recommended that these forms be filled out according to your payroll period, i.e. if bi-weekly payroll, complete a new form for each bi-weekly payroll period.  If monthly payroll, submit forms on a monthly basis.  If the project spanned a very short period, one form can be submitted for the entire job.  Under type of work performed, indicate if the employee is a labourer, electrician, carpenter, apprentice carpenter, etc.  Submit these forms to the Business Incentive Office either as the payroll period ends and the form is complete or at the end of the entire project. 

Employment Report (YG4983) English 

Once the information has been compiled by the Business Incentive Office, a random payroll audit will follow.  You will be requested to submit timesheets, cheque stubs or payroll register, as well as copies of both front and back of the payroll cheques issued for randomly selected employees for specific time periods as submitted on the Employment Report. 

• A Statutory Declaration will need to be signed before the claim can be paid out. You may sign the form at the Business Incentive Office and have it notarized at no cost or you may print off the form, complete it, have it notarized and bring it into the Business Incentive Office.

Statutory Declaration - Yukon business Incentive Policy for Construction - Yukon Labour, Apprentice, Youth

Materials Incentive Rebate Claim

• Notify the Business Incentive Office when your firm’s involvement on the project is complete and you would like your Business Incentive claim to be processed for payment.