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Claiming a Business Incentive Construction Materials Rebate

  • Yukon manufactured construction materials used in eligible contracts may be eligible for rebates. Check the Rebate Schedule in the right hand menu to see if your Yukon manufactured product is eligible and if so, at what rate.
  • Identify the product and assign a “Claim Value” to it. The Claim Value is akin to the “Retail Value” of a product. This would include the value of the raw materials, labour costs to fabricate, profit and overhead.
  • For each product for which you are claiming a rebate, please provide:
    • A description of the product, i.e. ductwork, roof trusses, etc.
    • The associated NAICS code as per the Rebate Schedule
    • The value of the raw materials that went into the manufacture of the product (invoices for raw materials and estimates of draws from inventory, if applicable)
    • The number of hours of fabrication labour that went into the manufacture of the product
    • The charge-out rate for fabrication labour
    • A final “Retail Value” or “Claim Value” which would include all manufacturing costs applicable to the product (should equal raw materials costs plus labour costs)
  • Submit copies of all raw material invoices and timeslips for those employees involved in the fabrication of the product with your claim.
  • All Yukon manufactured products must be fabricated off-site. For those contracts that include a supply/install, the on-site installation amount must be subtracted from the contract value to arrive at the “Claim Value”. On-site installation labour could be eligible for labour rebates if the contract is deemed eligible for Business Incentive rebates and the initial award value of the contract was $100,000 or greater.
  • Statutory Declaration will need to be signed before the claim can be paid out. You may stop into the Business Incentive Office to sign this form and have it notarized at no cost or you may print off the form, complete it, have it notarized and bring it into the Business Incentive Office.

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